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By: A. Vatras, MD

Deputy Director, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine

This process achieves the socially necessary desexualization of the body impotence losartan potassium kamagra gold 100 mg mastercard, leaving most of the rest free for use as the instrument of labour diabetic erectile dysfunction icd 9 code safe 100mg kamagra gold. The temporal reduction of the libido is thus supplemented by its spatial reduction erectile dysfunction trimix order kamagra gold online pills. But enterprise and creativity are connected with libido which does not survive the civilizing process. Women must struggle to keep alternative possibilities open, at the same time as they struggle to attain the kind of strength that can avail itself of them. The permissive society has done much to neutralize sexual drives by containing them. Sex for many has become a sorry business, a mechanical release involving neither discovery nor triumph, stressing human isolation more dishearteningly than ever before. The orgies feared by the Puritans have not materialized on every street corner, although more girls permit more (joyless) 51 liberties than they might have done before. Homosexuality in many forms, indeed any kind of sex which can escape the dead hand of the institution- group sex, criminal sex, child-violation, bondage and discipline-has flourished, while simple sexual energy seems to be steadily diffusing and dissipating. This is not because enlightenment is harmful, or because repression is a necessary goad to human impotence, but because sexual enlightenment happened under government subsidy, so that its discoveries were released in bad prose and clinical jargon upon the world. The permit to speak freely of sexuality has resulted only in the setting up of another shibboleth of sexual normality, gorged with dishonesty and kitsch. Women who understand their sexual experience in the way that Jackie Collins writes of it are irretrievably lost to themselves and their lovers: He took her to the bedroom and undressed her slowly, he made love to her beautifully. He took her to the edge of ecstasy and back again, keeping her hovering, sure of every move he made. When it did happen it was only because he wanted it to, and they came in complete unison. She had never experienced that before, and she clung to him, words tumbling out of her mouth about how much she loved him. When her husband grows tired of playing on this sexual instrument she can have no recourse but must continue to loll on her deflated airbed, wondering what went wrong. There is no mention of genitals: everything happens in a swoon or a swamp of undifferentiated sensation. Embraces are cominglings from the Head to the Feet, And not a pompous High Priest entering by a Secret place. In manipulating his violent impulses she exercised an illusory superiority, for she is tender, sentimental and modest, loving not for her own gratification, but in expression of esteem, trust and true love, until she could civilize him into marriage and the virtuoso sexual performance. The complicated psychic aspect of his love is undervalued; she is still alone, egotistical, without libido to desire him or bring him to new pleasure in her. Jackie Collins and the sex-books show that we still make love to organs and not people: that so far from realizing that people are never more idiosyncratic, never more totally there than when they make love, we are never more incommunicative, never more alone. The Wicked Womb Sex is not the same as reproduction: the relation between the two is especially tenuous for human beings, who may copulate when they will, not only when they are driven thereto by heat or an instinctual urge. The difference must be at least partly caused by the fact that human beings have memory, will and understanding to experience the pleasure of sex and desire it for itself. Little girls only learn about the pleasure of sex as an implication of their discoveries about their reproductive function, as something merely incidental. So the growing girl knows more about her womb than she does about her external genitalia, and not much of what she knows is good news. Many women, one might say too many women, die of illnesses in organs that they have virtually ignored all their lives, the cervix, the vulvae, the vagina, and the womb. Since time immemorial the womb has been associated with trouble, and some of the reluctance shown by doctors to attend to anxieties that women feel 54 about their tricky apparatus stems from this atavistic fear. Frigidity for women is regarded as a common condition, resulting from bad luck and bad management; in men impotence is treated with the utmost seriousness. Any trivial lesion on the penis is examined with ostentatious care so that a man need not feel threatened by castration anxieties, but the poor old womb must gush blood or drop out before anybody takes its condition seriously.

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The most recent form of fantasy about the womb is the enormously prevalent notion of the pathology of hysteria in Europe until the twentieth century erectile dysfunction and injections discount 100mg kamagra gold fast delivery. At first it was called the mother erectile dysfunction treatment atlanta buy 100 mg kamagra gold otc, and was thought to impotence treatment vacuum devices cheap kamagra gold 100mg with mastercard be the wandering womb that rose into the throat of a girl and choked her. The most sceptical anatomists, while deploring the arts which quacks and witches used to allay 55 That the Mother (as they call it) gets into the throat of married women and Maids, is by thousands believed to be a truth; yea, that the string of the Mother is fast in the throat, and that the vein of the Mother is also seated there, which fancy is craftily managed by a certain Woman in this Town, who thereby deceives many innocent women, and marvellously enriches herself. Women were assumed to be by nature subject to the tyranny of the insatiate womb, and to suffer symptoms from which men only suffered if they indulged in excessive selfabuse. Women were too weak, too vulnerable to irrational influences to be allowed to control their own lives. When one of my students 56 collapsed in her final examination with cramps and bitter uncontrollable sobbing, the cause was officially recorded as hysteria: the aeti-ology of her case was particularly important but the word hysteria seemed to supply all the answers. Although we do not believe in green-sickness any more, since maidens became an essential, if menial, part of the work force, we do believe that old maidens are apt to be consumed and wasted by frustration. Only recently have the other terrifying functions of the womb been publicized and accepted. Husbands are allowed to participate in the mysteries of birth, which need no longer be carried out in a coven of females. Attempts are being made to reduce the impression that childbirth is a kind of punishment for women, and to re-educate them in breeding, while the more sinister companions of childbed-puerperal fever and sudden haemor-rhage -have been brought under control. Although few men have still to watch in horror while their wives breed themselves through miscarriage and prolapse helplessly to death, we still have not come to terms with the sinister womb. The most pervasive and significant manifestation of that atavistic fear surviving is in the common attitude to menstruation. Women who adhere to the Moslem, Hindu or Mosaic faiths must regard themselves as unclean in their time of menstruation and se-clude themselves for a period. Medieval Catholicism made the stipulation that menstruating women were not to come into the church. Although enlightenment is creeping into this field at its usual pace, we still have a marked revulsion for menstruation, principally evinced by our efforts to keep it secret. The arrival of the menarche is more significant than any birthday, but in the Anglo-Saxon households it is ignored and carefully concealed from general awareness. For six months while I was waiting for my first menstruation I toted a paper bag with diapers and pins 57 in my school satchel. When it finally came, I suffered agonies lest anyone should guess or smell it or anything. My diapers were made of harsh towelling, and I used to creep into the laundry and crouch over a bucket of foul clouts, hoping that my brother would not catch me at my revolting labours. It is not surprising that well-bred, dainty little girls find it difficult to adapt to menstruation, when our society does no more than explain it and leave them to get on with it. Among the aborigines who lived along the Pennefather river in Queensland the little girl used to be buried up to her waist in warm sand to aid the first contractions, and fed and cared for by her mother in a sacred place, to be led in triumph to the camp where she joined a feast to celebrate her entry into the company of marriageable maidens, it seems likely that menstruation was much less traumatic. Menstruation, we are told, is unique among the natural bodily processes in that it involves a loss of blood. When she discovers that the pain attending this horror is in some way her fault, the result of improper adaptation to her female role, she really 58 feels like the victim of a bad joke. Whether the contractions of the womb are painful in some absolute sense or could be rendered comfortable by some psychotherapy or other is imma-terial. Why should women not resent an inconvenience which causes tension before, after and during; unpleasantness, odour, staining; which takes up anything from a seventh to a fifth of her adult life until the menopause; which makes her fertile thirteen times a year when she only expects to bear twice in a lifetime; when the cessation of menstruation may mean several years of endocrine derangement and the gradual atrophy of her sexual organs? The fact is that nature is not a triumph of design, and every battle against illness is an interference with her design, so that there is no rational ground for assuming that menstruation as we know it must be or ought to be irreversible. The contradiction in the attitude that regards menstruation as divinely ordained and yet unmentionable leads to the intensification of the female revolt against it, which can be traced in all the common words for it, like the curse, and male disgust expressed in terms like having the rags on. Women are not more incapacitated by menstruation than men are by their drinking habits, their hypertension, their ulcers and their virility fears. It may be that women commit crimes during the premenstrual and menstrual period, but it is still true that women commit far fewer crimes than men. Women must be aware of this enlistment of menstruation in the anti-feminist argument, and counteract it by their own statements of the situation.

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Presence in a person of two different cell lines derived from fusion of two zygotes erectile dysfunction getting pregnant 100mg kamagra gold. Procedure for obtaining fetally derived chorionic villus material for prenatal diagnosis erectile dysfunction medication online pharmacy order kamagra gold amex. Chromosome painting Fluorescence labelling of a whole chromosome using multiple probes from a single chromosome erectile dysfunction drug warnings generic 100 mg kamagra gold with visa. The person through whom a family with a genetic disorder is referred to genetic services. Syndrome caused by deletion of a group of neighbouring genes, some or all of which contribute to the phenotype. Normal state of human somatic cells containing two haploid sets of chromosomes (2n). Risk of recurrence for multifactorial or polygenic disorders based on family studies. Presence of one or more complete sets of chromosomes with no single chromosomes extra or missing. Use of fluorescent nucleic acid probes to detect presence or absence of specific sequences in chromosome preparations or tissue sections. Mutation that generates novel function of a gene product not just the loss of normal function. Particular set of alleles at linked loci on a single chromosome that are inherited together. Person having only one copy of a gene in diploid cells (males are hemizygous for most X linked genes). The contribution of genetic as opposed to environmental factors to phenotypic variance. Person possessing different alleles at a particular locus on homologous chromosomes. Holandric Homologous chromosomes Homoplasmy Pattern of inheritance of genes on the Y chromosome. Person having two identical alleles at a particular locus on homologous chromosomes. Stage of cell division when chromosomes are contracted and become visible using light microscopy. Loss of a very small amount of genetic material from a chromosome, not visible with conventional microscopy. Gene whose expression influences the phenotype resulting from mutation at another locus. Inheritance controlled by single gene pair Loss of one of a pair of homologous chromosomes. Disorder caused by interaction of more than one gene plus the effect of environment. Family member who must be a heterozygous gene carrier, determined from the mode of inheritance and the pattern of affected relatives within the family. Gene involved in control of cell proliferation that can transform a normal cell into a tumour cell when overactive. Physical or biochemical characteristics of a person reflecting genetic constitution and environmental influence. Disorder caused by inheritance of several/many susceptibility genes, each with a small effect. Chromosome numbers representing multiples of the haploid set greater than diploid, for example, 3n. Recessive Trait expressed in people who are homozygous or hemizygous for a particular gene, but not in those who are heterozygous for the gene. Recombination Crossing over between homologous chromosomes at meiosis which separates linked loci. Segregation Separation of alleles during meiosis so that each gamete contains only one member of each pair of alleles. Single stranded Commonly used method to screen conformation for point mutations in genes. A repeated sequence of three nucleotides that becomes expanded and unstable in a group of genetic disorders. The inheritance of both copies of a particular chromosome from one parent and none from the other parent.

During interphase a cell grows in size xarelto impotence order kamagra gold 100mg otc, carries on metabolism non prescription erectile dysfunction drugs purchase generic kamagra gold online, duplicates chromosomes erectile dysfunction doctors in chandigarh purchase 100 mg kamagra gold overnight delivery, and prepares for division. Each of these daughter cells contains a complete set Stages of Mitosis of chromosomes that are identical to those of the parent cell. Spindle fibers Disappearing nuclear envelope Doubled chromosome A Prophase the chromatin coils to form chromosomes. The four phases are prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase as shown in the illustration to the left. Each duplicated chromosome is made up of two identical halves, called sister chromatids. During metaphase, the second phase of mitosis, the doubled chromosomes are pulled to the center of the cell. In telophase, the last phase of mitosis, the chromatids move to opposite sides of the cell. Centromere B Metaphase Sister chromatids C Anaphase Centromeres split and sister chromatids are pulled to the opposite sides of the cell. D Telophase Nuclear envelope reappears Two new nuclei are formed and a double membrane begins to form between them. Results of Mitosis When mitosis is complete, one-celled organisms remain as single cells. These daughter cells eventually will repeat the same cell cycle as the parent cell and will grow and divide. In larger organisms, cell growth and reproduction result in groups of cells that work together as tissue to perform a certain function. Multiple organs that work together form an organ system, such as the digestive system. It is important to remember that no matter how complex the organ system or organism becomes, the cell is still the most basic unit of that organization. Use the diagram below to help you review the cell cycle by providing two facts for each period. Fill in the blanks with the following terms: tissues, sister chromatids, cell cycle, mitosis, and chromosomes. When something goes wrong with normal cell conditions, cells lose control of the cell cycle. This loss of control may be caused by changes in enzyme production inside the cell or by some outside factor, such as air or water pollution. An enzyme, you will remember, is a type of protein found in all living things that changes the rate of chemical reactions. Cancer: A Mistake in the Cell Cycle Scientists think that cancer is caused by changes to one or more of the genes that produce the substances that help to control the cell cycle. Environmental factors include cigarette smoke, air and water pollution, and exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Cancer may also be caused by genetic factors such as viral infections that damage the genes. Experts agree that diets low in fat and high in fiber content can reduce the risk for many kinds of cancer. Fruits, vegetables, and grain products are good food choices because they are low in fat and high in fiber. Other healthful choices such as daily exercise and not using tobacco also are known to lower the risk of cancer. Place the following events in the appropriate box based on the order in which they occur: Uncontrolled cell division occurs. Plants and other green organisms are able to make energy from sunlight and store it to use later. Some cell processes are muscles contracting during exercise, your heart pumping, and cell division. Create a Quiz After you have read this section, create a five-question quiz based on what you have learned. When one of the chemical bonds is broken, one of the phosphate groups is released. Some cells use energy to maintain homeostasis, which is the regulation of their internal environment. At the same time the kidneys are eliminating wastes, they are using energy to keep needed substances in the bloodstream.

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