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By: E. Hogar, M.B. B.A.O., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Medical Instructor, Northeast Ohio Medical University College of Medicine

Biomarkers such as salivary dim light melatonin onset should be obtained only when the diagnosis is unclear bipolar depression blogs buy prozac online pills. Functional Consequences of Delayed Sleep Phase Type Excessive early day sleepiness is prominent depression zodiac purchase prozac 20mg amex. The severity of insomnia and excessive sleepiness symptoms varies substantially among individuals and largely de pends on the occupational and social demands on the individual depression ketamine order prozac in united states online. Delayed sleep phase type must be distinguished from "normal" sleep patterns in which an individual has a late schedule that does not cause personal, social, or occupational distress (most commonly seen in adolescents and young adults). Insomnia disorder and other circadian rhythm sleep-wake dis orders should be included in the differential. Excessive sleepiness may also be caused by other sleep disturbances, such as breathing-related sleep disorders, insomnias, sleeprelated movement disorders, and medical, neurological, and mental disorders. Overnight polysomnography may help in evaluating for other comorbid sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea. The circadian nature of delayed sleep phase type, however, should differen tiate it from other disorders with similar complaints. Comorbidity Delayed sleep phase type is strongly associated with depression, personality disorder, and somatic symptom disorder or illness anxiety disorder. In addition, comorbid sleep disor ders, such as insomnia disorder, restless legs syndrome, and sleep apnea, as well as depres sive and bipolar disorders and anxiety disorders, can exacerbate symptoms of insomnia and excessive sleepiness. Delayed sleep phase type may overlap with another circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorder, non-24-hour sleep-wake type. Sighted individuals with non24-hour sleep-wake type disorder commonly also have a history of delayed circadian sleep phase. Advanced Sleep Phase Type Specifiers Advanced sleep phase type may be documented with the specified "famihal. In this type, specific mutations demonstrate an autosomal dominant mode of inheritance. In the familial form, onset of symptoms may occur earlier (during childhood and early adulthood), the course is persistent, and the severity of symptoms may increase with age. Diagnostic Features Advanced sleep phase type is characterized by sleep-wake times that are several hours earlier than desired or conventional times. Diagnosis is based primarily on a history of an advance in the timing of the major sleep period (usually more than 2 hours) in relation to the desired sleep and wake-up time, with symptoms of early morning insomnia and ex cessive daytime sleepiness. When allowed to set their schedule, individuals with ad vanced sleep phase type will exhibit normal sleep quality and duration for age. Associated Features Supporting Diagnosis Individuals with advanced sleep phase type are "morning types," having earlier sleepwake times, with the timing of circadian biomarkers such as melatonin and core body tem perature rhythms occurring 2-A hours earlier than normal. When required to keep a con ventional schedule requiring a delay of bedtime, these individuals will continue to have an early rise time, leading to persistent sleep deprivation and daytime sleepiness. Use of hyp notics or alcohol to combat sleep-maintenance insomnia and stimulants to reduce daytime sleepiness may lead to substance abuse in these individuals. Prevaience the estimated prevalence of advanced sleep phase type is approximately 1% in middleage adults. Sleep-wake times and circadian phase advance in older individuals, probably accounting for increased prevalence in this population. The course is typ ically persistent, lasting more than 3 months, but the severity may increase depending on work and social schedules. Clinical expression may vary across the lifespan depending on social, school, and work obligations. Individuals who can alter their work schedules to accommodate the advanced circadian sleep and wake timing can experience remission of symptoms. Increasing age tends to advance the sleep phase, however, it is unclear whether the common age-associ ated advanced sleep phase type is due solely to a change in circadian timing (as seen in the familial form) or also to age-related changes in the homeostatic regulation of sleep, result ing in earlier awakening. Severity, remission, and relapse of symptoms suggest lack of ad herence to behavioral and environmental treatments designed to control sleep and wake structure and light exposure. Decreased late aftemoon/early evening exposure to light and/or expo sure to early morning light due to early morning awakening can increase the risk of ad vanced sleep phase type by advancing circadian rhythms.

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For example depression va disability rating order prozac 10 mg, three crew members were isolated in the Mir space station simulator for 135 days depression contour lines definition buy prozac 20mg online. They reported more expressiveness and self-discovery and less tension than during their pre-isolation training session (Kanas et al depression test free buy prozac 10mg mastercard. Investigators studying animal research have further speculated that behavioral changes in such environments may even be attributable to the effects of chronic stress on the hippocampus (Otto 2007). In one study of 109 days, chronic stress resulting from multiple sources, including limited sleep, intense physical activity, and low calorie diet, was associated with impaired cognitive function and mood. Recovery was rather quick with cognitive functioning improving within about 3 days once stressors were removed (Lieberman et al. Comparing declines in cognitive functioning with those in physical performance revealed that, in a lab-based sustained operations scenario, cognitive functioning declined faster and more extensively than physical performance when soldiers were faced with sleep loss, continuous physical activity, and food deprivation. Soldiers in the study were healthy males with a mean tenure of 1 year and a mean age of 23 (Lieberman et al. Other research has focused on medications to sustain alertness and vigilance during periods of inadequate sleep but have found not all aspects of cognition are improved equally. Decrements in cognitive performance due to stress were not limited to one area of cognition. Instead, in exercises designed to simulate stress of combat, every aspect of cognitive functioning tested was impaired compared to baseline, including rather simple functions such as reaction time and vigilance. The magnitude of cognitive decrement due to environmental stress was greater than that due to clinical hypoglycemia, treatment with sedating drugs, and alcohol intoxication (Lieberman 2005). Exposure to high levels of radiation, for example, can damage the subcortical basal ganglia and hippocampus that are critical to cognitive functioning (Madsen et al. Rats exposed to radiation equivalent to that of deep-space resulted in long-term cognitive deficits (Davis et al. Analog Mission Duration of 2 or More Years Available evidence from assignments in any analog lasting 2 or more years, as could occur for a Mars mission, is scant. The team split into two factions within 6 months; stolen food was hoarded; and daily tasks were reported as monotonous. One month after the midpoint, some crew members reported experiencing depression that was severe enough to interfere with their ability to complete daily tasks (Poynter 2006). The severity of these behavioral and psychiatric responses was most likely due, in part, to a need for more rigorous psychological evaluation when selecting those who were best suited for this study. Problems that were experienced with Biosphere 2, in comparison to those of space flight, include poor selection of participants and lack of adequate preparation and training. Extensive publicity also may have influenced the experiences of the Biosphere 2 team by sensationalizing them. Although the reader is cautioned about over-interpreting data as well as misapplication of the study to space flight, the Biosphere 2 experience is included in this report because it is one of the few examples of very long-duration isolation and confinement. Two-year assignments, which are common at the Russian Antarctic Station of Vostok, provide additional evidence that lengthier periods spent in isolation and confinement increase behavioral and psychiatric problems (Otto 2007). Alcohol consumption contributed to the main power-generating building burning down, as well as, to the death of a station physician due to alcoholic liver failure. The depth of psychological stress that was experienced by some at the Vostok station is vividly illustrated by the unsubstantiated legend of a wintering-over Russian male, who after losing a game of chess, murdered his opponent with an axe (Anthony, 2006; Wheeler, 1999). These examples most likely do not generalize to astronauts and space travel due to the differences between analog and astronaut populations as well as the differences in mission characteristics. However, these examples have been included to emphasize the increased risk of behavioral health and psychiatric problems that are associated with extended stays in highly isolated, confined, and extreme environments; such long durations are clearly at the outside boundary of our experience and evidence base. Post-expedition cognitive and behavioral health the majority of reintegration research involves returning service men and women. Because of the potential confound of combat experience, this body of evidence was not considered for inclusion here. Still there are diary accounts and similar reports of difficulties by individuals returning home from expeditions.

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Culture-Related Diagnostic Issues Some behaviors that are influenced by sociocultural contexts or specific life circumstances may be erroneously labeled paranoid and may even be reinforced by the process of clinical evaluation depression symptoms husband buy prozac 20 mg on line. Members of minority groups mood disorder 29699 diagnosis code buy prozac 10 mg with mastercard, immigrants anxiety medication for dogs buy prozac with visa, political and economic refugees, or individuals of different ethnic backgrounds may display guarded or defensive behaviors because of unfamiliarity. These behaviors can, in turn, generate anger and frustration in those who deal with these indi viduals, thus setting up a vicious cycle of mutual mistrust, which should not be confused with paranoid personality disorder. Some ethnic groups also display culturally related be haviors that can be misinterpreted as paranoid. Paranoid personality disorder can be distinguished from delusional disorder, persecutory type; schizophrenia; and a bipolar or depressive disorder with psychotic features because these disorders are all characterized by a period of persistent psychotic symptoms. For an additional diagnosis of paranoid personality disorder to be given, the personality disorder must have been present before the onset of psychotic symptoms and must persist when the psychotic symptoms are in remission. Paranoid personality disorder must be distinguished from personality change due to another medical condition, in which the traits that emerge are attributable to the direct effects of another medical condi tion on the central nervous system. Paranoid personality disorder must be distinguished from symptoms that may develop in association with persistent substance use. The disorder must also be distin guished from paranoid traits associated with the development of physical handicaps. Other personality disorders may be confused with paranoid personality disorder because they have certain features in common. It is therefore important to distinguish among these disorders based on differences in their characteristic features. However, if an individual has personality features that meet criteria for one or more personality disorders in addition to paranoid personality disorder, all can be diagnosed. Paranoid personality disorder and schizotypal personality disorder share the traits of suspiciousness, interpersonal aloofness, and paranoid ideation, but schizotypal per sonality disorder also includes symptoms such as magical thinking, unusual perceptual ex periences, and odd thinking and speech. Individuals with behaviors that meet criteria for schizoid personality disorder are often perceived as strange, eccentric, cold, and aloof, but they do not usually have prominent paranoid ideation. The tendency of individuals with paranoid personality disorder to react to minor stimuli with anger is also seen in borderline and histrionic personality disorders. However, these disorders are not necessarily associ ated with pervasive suspiciousness. Although antisocial behavior may be present in some individuals with paranoid personality disorder, it is not usually motivated by a desire for personal gain or to exploit others as in antisocial personality disorder, but rather is more often attributable to a desire for revenge. Individuals with narcissistic personality disorder may occasionally display suspiciousness, social withdrawal, or alienation, but this derives primarily from fears of having their imperfections or flaws revealed. Paranoid personality disorder should be diagnosed only when these traits are inflexible, maladap tive, and persisting and cause significant functional impairment or subjective distress. A pervasive pattern of detachment from social relationships and a restricted range of expression of emotions in interpersonal settings, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by four (or more) of the following: 1. Does not occur exclusively during the course of schizophrenia, a bipolar disorder or depressive disorder with psychotic features, another psychotic disorder, or autism spectrum disorder and is not attributable to the physiological effects of another medical condition. Note: If criteria are met prior to the onset of schizophrenia, add "premorbid," i. Individuals with schizoid personality disorder appear to lack a desire for intimacy, seem indifferent to opportunities to develop close relationships, and do not seem to derive much satisfaction from being part of a family or other social group (Criterion Al). They often ap pear to be socially isolated or "loners" and almost always choose solitary activities or hob bies that do not include interaction with others (Criterion A2). They may have very little interest in having sexual experiences with another person (Criterion A3) and take pleasure in few, if any, activities (Criterion A4). There is usually a reduced experience of pleasure from sen sory, bodily, or interpersonal experiences, such as walking on a beach at sunset or having sex. These individuals have no close friends or confidants, except possibly a first-degree relative (Criterion A5). Individuals with schizoid personality disorder often seem indifferent to the approval or criticism of others and do not appear to be bothered by what others may think of them (Criterion A6). They may be oblivious to the normal subtleties of social interaction and of ten do not respond appropriately to social cues so that they seem socially inept or super ficial and self-absorbed.

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