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By: O. Pranck, M.A.S., M.D.

Deputy Director, Creighton University School of Medicine

Conclusion: There is solid evidence that making cancer information available and diagnosing it at an early stage will reduce deaths from cancer anxiety shortness of breath buspar 5 mg mastercard, and the success of interventions intended to anxiety 12 step groups cheap buspar line detect cancer at an early stage greatly depends on cancer education and awareness and sensitivity to anxiety 30002 purchase 5 mg buspar with amex the needs, beliefs and unique circumstance of the target population. Although much remains to be learned about cancer, enough is now known about the causes of cancer and means of control for suitable intervention to have a significant impact. Most Africans cannot currently access curative therapies, state-of-the-art surgery or expensive cancer drugs that are the mainstay of cancer care in developed nations. At the same time between 30% and 50% of cancers are preventable, and a third of all cancers could be cured if detected early. Therefore, scaling up prevention and early diagnosis will be the most cost-effective ways of dealing with cancer. Fonseca Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro, Health Education Department Coordinator, Porto, Portugal Background and context: the Portuguese League Against Cancer works with schools in cancer prevention for 30 years and since the very beginning tried to offer attractive strategies to get children engagement. Knowing that card games are again on the top strategies for children we develop the Super Healthy Card Game. Aim: To promote health habits in children (6-10 years old), namely in what concerns their lunch and snacks options. Strategy/ Tactics: We have created a card game in which each card represents a healthy and important food. There are 15 cards in total; children get the first 5 for free in the beginning of the program and then, to get the other 10, they have to eat the food defined by the card, either at lunch (school canteens have them available on predated days) or at midmorning and midafternoon snacks (children and their parents have to prepare it at home). Program/Policy process: To have success we have articulated with three main institutions on a national and governmental levels: General Health Committee; General Education Committee and National Nutrionists Association. Then, we have publicized the game in schools and asked for their registrations for the materials. The program has involved all school community because the school canteens have to cook the meals, parents have to prepare healthier snacks, teachers have to monitor the entire process and children have to play the card game. Outcomes: With this methodology many children tasted for the first time some foods and parents reflected on the importance of healthy snacks. Besides that, after getting the cards, children played with it and learned a little bit more about what they eat and its effects on their health. What was learned: this kind of strategy is very challenging because it implies the coordination of various partners. Also, nutrition is a transversal theme and different institutions stress unique aspects so it was important to assure that all partners feel their message is respected. Fonseca Portuguese League Against Cancer, Porto, Portugal Background and context: In spite of the fact that cancer is a common disease on our days, there are still a lot of myths and misconceptions concerning it. In addition, many times the strategy that community asks for is a lecture or a conference and sometimes public (if it happens in schools, specially) has no interest to be there or feels uncomfortable to speak about it with a big group of people. Human Library is a different strategy that has been applied with success and in which public may talk with different persons/books that have different perspectives about cancer. Aim: Dispelling myths and misconceptions about cancer offering an innovative approach and giving the public the possibility of actually talk about their concerns Strategy/Tactics: We have identified different perspectives about cancer and people that could impersonate them. We then had a workshop with them, presenting the "Human Library" idea, inspired in the one created in Copenhagen in the spring of 2000. What we ask them is to think about their story with cancer and to be available to answer questions about it. Afterward, as our main target was to encourage dialogue, increase knowledge about cancer and help to build positive feelings concerning fighting cancer, public is invited to talk with this volunteers/books and to ask them whatever they want/need to know. We currently have 5 types of books: survivor, volunteer, scientist, health professional and caregiver. Program/Policy process: After being publicized, the Human Library may be requested by institutions of the community. After delivering a brief description of its perspective concerning cancer, the "book" should be available for questions and the idea is that books should only talk if there are questions. After sometime, the "readers" are invited to change "books" and start all over again. Outcomes: this has been a very successful experience as far as we realized this is a strategy that engage people and allow them to really have their questions answered. In that way, we may assure that we are addressing those people myths and misconceptions, in a much more personalized approach.

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Later in the process anxiety symptoms breathing problems buy buspar 5 mg fast delivery, other indicators of the same dehydration problem become apparent anxiety 39 weeks pregnant order buspar 5mg amex. If you take a second look at the letters by Mr Peck anxiety xanax side effects proven buspar 10mg, Mr Paturis, and read the one from Mr William Gray (on pages 140 to 142), you will see that the individuals in question had multiple problems that got better by the regulation of daily water intake. You are now privy to information on where the mistake lies in the creation of monstrous problems within the health care systems in scientifically advanced countries. They seem to allow the arrogant treatment ofa simple dehydration of the human body by chemical mallets until real diseases are born. The angiogram before the angioplasty had shown one of the arteries of my heart was 97 percent blocked by cholesterol deposits. I noticed that my condition was rapidly deteriorating, to the extent that I had difficulty sleeping because of pain in my left arm, back and chest, and also felt these same pains when I took my daily walks. I visua li zed myself going for bypass surgery at the scheduled time for reevaluation of my condition. I first began my rehabilitation through diet by a regular intake of six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day for three days. No constrictions were noticed during my walks and my energy had increased two-fold. The tests showed that my heart had restored to its normal state and I did not need any form of medication to cope with my daily routine. Let us discuss further the letters from Mr Peck and Mr Paturis, as well as those from Priscilla Preston and Donna Gutkowski that follow in this chapter. All of them stated they lost between 30 and 45 pounds in weight when they switched to water as their preferred beverage. There is another person who gradually lost 58 pounds in less than a year, weight she had gained in six years. The central control system in the brain recognises the low energy levels available for its functions. The sensations of thirst or hunger also stem from low, ready-to-access energy levels. To mobilise energy from that which is stored in the fat, the body needs hormonal release mechanisms. This process takes a while longer (and some physical activity for energy release) than the urgent needs of the brain. Its functional needs for hydroelectricity are more urgent - not only the energy formation from water, but also its transport system within the microstream flow system that depends on more water. We do not recognise the sensations of thirst and assume both to be indicators of the urge to eat. Overeating further explained the human brain is roughly 2 per cent of the total body weight. Twenty per cent of blood circulation is allocated and made available to the brain. This means that the brain gets to pick and choose from the circulating blood what is needed for its normal functions. It processes all information from different parts of the body, as well as that which enters it from daily exposure to physical, social, and electromagnetic environment. To process all these inputs and alert all parts of the body for coordinated response, the brain spends a vast quantity of energy. At the same time, it spends energy in manufacturing primary ingredients and different brain chemical messengers (neurotransmitters) that are made in the brain cells and have to be transported to the nerve endings wherever they are. This high rate of energy consumption by the brain is the main reason for the high level of blood circulation. The cell membrane is where the information enters and where an action is initiated. The brain calculates and understands what is important and what is not for its energy expenditure. Recently it has been discovered that the hwnan body has the ability to generate hydroelectric energy when water, by itself, goes through the cell membrane and turns some very special energy generating pwnps: very much like the hydroelectric power generation when a dam is built on a large river. Thus, the brain uses two mechanisms for its energy requirements: one, from metabolism of food and formation of sugar; two, from its water supply and conversion of hydroelectric energy. It now seems that the brain depends very extensively on energy formation from hydroelectricity, particularly for its transport system in its nerve supply to different parts of the human body. It does this in two ways: by stimulating intake of proteins and starchy foods that it will convert to sugar, in addition to the sugar in the diet; by converting some starch and proteins from stored reserves of the body into sugar.

You would think progesterone would be a good thing since you need adequate progesterone to anxiety symptoms returning order buspar with paypal get pregnant anxiety problems generic buspar 5 mg on line, but you can have too much of a good thing anxiety symptoms returning buy 10mg buspar with amex. So the same dose every day, especially an onslaught of cortisol together with an onslaught of eating high glycemic index foods, that leads to insulin resistance and what we want is to be more arrhythmic to freshen up those hormone receptors. I can tell you there are now thousands of studies published on glucocorticoid resistance, which is where yourselves become numb to hormones like cortisol. There are some people who probably based on enzymes and snips are more likely to build up a toxic level of progesterone, so I just like to see where they are and then I like to put them on holiday. What I generally recommend is that you come off of the progesterone cream for three to five days per month. I generally recommend coming off for five days, but I have some women who after three days start to sleep more poorly or have some other symptom, you know night sweats or hot flushes and for that reason I will just have them do three days. If a woman is using progesterone cream, can she also at the same time use Superfoods that influence hormones, such as Mocha and Ashwagandha, since they are adaptogens? The ideal that I kind of lay out in my book is the Gottfried protocol where you first are using the functional medicine approach to fill in nutritional gaps. There are a whole bunch of randomized trials on progesterone cream, a whole bunch of mocha and none on the two together. I think thyroid map and progesterone and other bioidentical hormone map can be very confusing so I want to talk about this for a moment. The idea here is that in the second half of the menstrual cycle, women tend to make about twenty to thirty milligrams per day. To me, you want to be facing in a physiologic way; you want to be topping off physiologically. You may have heard of some of the folks who are big fans of natural progesterone cream, Doctor John Lee is one of them. He popularized the idea that you want to use about twenty milligrams a day of progesterone. I think the important part here is separating pharmacological doses from physiologic doses. It can go down the cortisol pathway and make too much cortisol, cause trouble with sleep instead of improving sleep. If you give too much progesterone it can also suppress the production of progesterone so you want to be careful about those things. I think if you start looking at the labels, we know that some labels are really clear and others are not so clear, right? You take the number of milligrams in the amount of cream that it contains and you basically multiply that by the percentage. Let me just give you a couple of suggestions © Copyright 2014 Gottfried Institute 114 That means a quarter teaspoon is going to be about twenty-five milligrams of progesterone. The thing with bioidentical progesterone cream ­ I give bioidentical progesterone in a couple of different ways. You already heard me talk when I was answering the first question about the woman with cortisol levels that were all over the place ­ high and low, mostly low ­ and also the low progesterone. You heard me talk about using non-suppressive therapies and how important I think that is. When you give bioidentical progesterone, here are some of the cautions that you want to be on the alert for. When you give bioidentical progesterone to someone who is trying to get pregnant, it can actually block ovulation so you want to be careful about that. Another issue with bioidentical progesterone is another point that I made earlier that if you are getting too much progesterone, it can convert into cortisol. It can make people feel very stressed out and hyper vigilant so you want to watch for that. You probably heard me talk about tiara time where you put a tiara on your head for 15 minutes three times a week and you just signal to your children and to your spouse that you are doing self-care, you are doing the minimum effective dose of self-care.


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Place one hand on your waist (right on your navel) and the other in the middle of your chest anxiety symptoms during exercise order genuine buspar online. Which hand rises the most as you inhale ­ the hand on your chest or the hand on your abdomen? You may still benefit from reading through and completing the exercises in this chapter anxiety 25 mg zoloft order buspar online now. This chapter will teach you ways to anxiety kava generic 5mg buspar amex change your breathing habits so that they contribute to an overall feeling of serenity rather than anxiety. The first group tends to breathe from their chest, while the second breathes from their abdomen. Our stomach muscles often tense in response to stress, and this causes them to push against our diaphragm. When this happens, the amount of air that is entering our lungs is restricted, and we begin to hyperventilate or breathe very rapidly. Shallow breathing, sighing, holding your breath for a moment and then breathing rapidly are all breathing patterns which can cause hyperventilation. That is why a traditional treatment for hyperventilation used to be breathing into a bag; the goal was to have you inhale the carbon dioxide that you expel, helping to return the correct balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide. In a person who is prone to panic and anxiety, whose brain is already hypersensitive to slight changes in physiology, hyperventilating triggers a "suffocation alarm. However, retraining your body to react in the opposite manner can help you avoid this selfdefeating pattern. Abdominal Breathing Exercises You will want to be in a safe, comfortable location as you begin these exercises. For maximum benefit, you should be in a supportive environment, lying on your back on a firm surface. As you become more skilled, you should begin to practice your breathing in many positions (sitting and standing) and many situations (public and phobic). This will enable you to use breathing to cope with any situation, no matter what circumstances you may be experiencing. During abdominal breathing, your chest should move very little; your stomach should do most of the moving. This is because in abdominal breathing, the diaphragm, the muscle that separates the lung cavity from the abdominal cavity, moves downward. This causes the muscles surrounding the abdominal cavity to push outward, producing the motion. Inhalation: diaphragm drops Exhalation: diaphragm rises 54 Conquering Panic, Anxiety and Phobias When you are ready to begin the exercise, lie down in a safe place and close your eyes so that you can focus on what your body is doing. Place one hand on your abdomen, just above your navel and the other on your chest. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose allowing your breath to flow into the deepest point in your lungs. You may feel your chest expand as the air enters, but it should only move slightly. If you have trouble breathing into your abdomen, press your hand down as you exhale and let your abdomen push your hand back up as you inhale. If you still have difficulty, try lying on your stomach with your head resting on your folded hands. Take deep abdominal breaths so you can feel your abdomen pushing against the floor. Another option is to imagine that as you inhale you are blowing up a big balloon (your stomach is filling with air) and as you exhale, the air is going out of the balloon. It may help slow down your breathing if you slowly count on the inhale (1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005), and then again on the exhale (1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005). You can also sprinkle mini-practices throughout your day to help generalize your skills. Wiederhold 55 Mini-Practices Quick "mini-practices" help your skills become more automatic.

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