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Prevagen: The Name to Remember



Clinically-tested Memory Improvement Product Available Over-the-Counter at Davis Islands Pharmacy, Tampa




Is Memory Loss Normal As We Age?



brain health prevagen tampaAs we age, our cognitive function starts to decline. We start to experience problems with memory, we’re slower to recall things we used to know with the snap of a finger. If you think you’re alone in having memory loss, you’re not alone. In fact, 2/3 of Americans over the age of 40 experience memory lapses – and the same amount report memory loss to be their number one fear as they age. But not to fear: there’s a proven solution to improve age-related memory loss.


Science has discovered certain foods that constitute a brain-healthy diet: fruits and vegetables, Omega-3 fatty acids, complex carbs, healthy fats and protein – and making sure you keep hydrated. But outside of your diet and lifestyle, is there anything you can do to further help with age-related memory loss? Can you slow down the normal aging process of the brain?




About Prevagen



quincy bioscience prevagenBrought to market in 2007, a company called Quincy Bioscience, based out of Madison, Wisconsin made a profound discovery. This discovery has been clinically tested and shown to help with age-related memory problems. Since 2007, hundreds of thousands of consumers have found this product to slow down age-related memory loss. We all know this product as Prevagen.




Prevagen: Safety and Efficacy



What Makes Prevagen Work?




jellyfish prevagen main ingredientThe most commonly used product for brain health and available over the counter at Davis Islands Pharmacy, Prevagen is unique and effective. From the commercials, we know the main ingredient was originally discovered in jellyfish; apoaequorin was that secret ingredient. When looked at over a 90 day period in a double blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, Prevagen was shown to increase certain aspects of cognitive function.


The subjects were first pre-screened and found to have normal memory problems for their age – so it was a group in which they could demonstrate clear improvements. In particular, the most common experience was an improvement in short term memory loss.



Prevagen Safety




Not only have they looked at the efficacy of this product in adults with normal memory problems due to aging, studies have also investigated the safety of Prevagen and its main ingredient, apoaequorin. The first of these safety studies looked to see whether there were risks of allergic reactivity when taking Prevagen, and concluded that the dietary supplement showed no significant risk of such problems.



The firm that discovered, developed, and patented Prevagen, Quincy Bioscience, then looked at the safety of the product at higher dosages. The test subjects were given 16,000 times the expected daily amount and again showed no adverse effects.



What Dosage Should I Take?



prevagen strength - tablets and chewables tampaPrevagen comes in regular (10mg) and extra strength (20mg) varieties – both available as tablets and chewables. Your needs are different from everybody else’s, so it’s up to you which version would be most appropriate.


While you don’t need a prescription for Prevagen, you may want to speak with your doctor or pharmacist before starting any new supplements. What’s more, it’s recommended that you continue to take your current regimen of vitamins and supplements while taking Prevagen.


Contributors to Increased Brain Loss



technology and brain health

It’s not a surprise. When you think about how technology has evolved, our devices are replacing our brains in many aspects of life. Remembering appointments. Phone numbers. Directions. The meaning of words. It’s easier now to look it up and follow Google than to rely on our brains for the information. Could it be that we’re spending too much time on our devices, and not enough mental energy exercising our brains?



There are no signs that the reliance on technology will slow down anytime soon: so what can we do to keep our brain sharp and healthy? In today’s world, what’s the value of a sharp brain? Well for starters, our brains control everything our body does: from movement to decision-making. It’s important to supply your brain with the nutrients it needs to maintain itself throughout your life.



Ways to Complement Prevagen



healthy lifestyle for memoryAside from taking Prevagen and eating healthy, there are a number of other, lifestyle-related habits you can form to achieve better memory. Studies have found that simply staying active can lead to an increase in brain volume compared to people who are relatively inactive. Staying active is particularly important to executive function like decision-making, as well as memory process.


Part of being active but slightly different is exercising. Studies have shown that even low stress workouts, yoga or a brisk walk just a few times a week can be sufficient. And keeping up with the daily chores like cleaning and gardening keep your brain healthy.



Prevagen specifically focuses on brain health, and is considered a complement to, not replacement for, your existing routine. Stop by the pharmacy or call to ask whether Prevagen might be a daily supplement that could benefit you.




Call us today at (813) 254-1888 and ask about Prevagen and other healthy aging solutions!


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