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At Davis Islands Pharmacy, Our Advantage is Simple: We Care



We fill more than just prescriptions for brand names, generics, and compound medications. Davis Islands Pharmacy stocks over-the-counter medications for your healthcare needs, retail items, toys and games, hundreds upon hundreds of greeting cards, personal hygiene products, snacks, school supplies and much more!




Over-the-Counter Medications




OTC Pharmacy ProductsFeeling stuffy? Suffering from dry eyes? Itchiness? Or a small scrape? Our pharmacists and pharmacy staff are here to help you find pharmacist-recommended over-the-counter products that we use for ourselves. We never try and sell you on the latest trend, or on products that are unlikely to alleviate your pain. We treat our customers like we would ourselves and our own family, and readily share our personal experiences and the experiences of others before making OTC recommendations. If you’re in need of the right over-the-counter solution to a problem you don’t think necessarily warrants a doctor’s visit, give us a call or stop by the pharmacy and let us know how we can help. If your problem is moderate to severe, we of course recommend seeking medical attention promptly and first.








Retail Items | Personal Hygiene


person hygiene tampaFrom toothbrushes to toothpaste to deodorant to shampoo to body lotion, Davis Islands Pharmacy is your source for personal hygiene and wellness products. Whether you’re looking for bar soap or body wash, diapers or Tampons, razor blades, shaving cream or aftershave, shop our selection of retail person hygiene products. If you don’t find what you’re looking for: we welcome your feedback. We have feedback collection boxes located at the front and back checkout counters.












Gift Shop



Davis Islands Coffee MugWe take pride in the gift shop at Davis Islands Pharmacy, and are constantly looking to provide our valued customers with the products they want and can’t find anywhere else. We do this by collecting your feedback, listening to you, and acting upon it. Wondering where those Davis Islands car stickers and window decals went? We’ve got them at Davis Islands Pharmacy.




Gift Shop TampaLooking for a small gift for a family member who lives outside the state? Check out our Davis Islands coffee mugs. Gasparilla gear? We’ve got it. Wondering where you can find flags and banners to show your school pride? We’ve just got those in, too. What’s more, we have an entire aisle dedicated to gift bags, wrapping paper, bows, ribbons — everything you need to wrap, pack and ship your holiday and birthday presents!







Greetings Cards: Holidays, Birthdays, Special Occasions & More!



Tampa Greeting CardsLooking for the perfect card for that special occasion? From Baptisms to Bar Mitzvahs, Christmas to Hanukkah, Birthdays to anniversaries: we’ve got you covered with hundreds of options to choose from. New in: say “hello” to friends or relatives with our new selection of “Tampa” and “Davis Islands” Greetings cards. Perfect to let the far-away special people in your life know that you care for them — and perhaps to get them to come visit with the help of a little jealousy from paradise. Stop by the pharmacy to browse our selection today!











Toys & Games


Melissa & Doug Toys TampaMake learning fun: that’s what the research says enhances learning in toddlers, and that’ what we believe to be true. That’s why we stock a wide variety of learning games and toys from Melissa and Doug! From cooking sets to ABC’s place-mats to all sorts of brain puzzles, you’re sure to find something for your kids or grandchildren. Stop by the pharmacy to check out what we’ve got in stock, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll place it on back-order for you!










Bathing & Aromas



essential oilscandlesFrom a wide-variety of essential oils and diffusers, to Epsom salt and other products from Dr. Teals, Yankee candles, bath bombs and more — we’ve got products designed to help you relax, revitalize and cleanse your body and mind.









Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrient Depletion



vitamins and mineralsWhether you’re looking for a specific combination of nutrients designed specially to target those lost due to medications you’re taking, a multi-vitamin your physician recommends you add to your daily regimen, or a specific vitamin like Omega-3, Ginger extract, Coral Calcium, or Melatonin for sleep: Davis Islands Pharmacy carries hundreds of unique, pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals to supplement your current health regimen.



nutrient depletion solutionsWe always recommend you consult with your doctor before adding a new supplement to your routine, but if you know what you’re looking for or need advice or feedback on a vitamin supplement you’re considering, our knowledgeable pharmacy staff is here to help. Want chewable multi-vitamins for your kids, FREE, each monthly? Sign up for our Children’s Vitamin Program! No purchase necessary.






School Supplies




school supplies tampaFrom binders and college-ruled paper, to report covers, folders, pens, pencils, markers, poster boards, index cards, calculators, rulers, and more — Davis Islands Pharmacy has what you need to get your children ready for back-to-school season and throughout the year. Come shop our selection of school supplies!






Medical Supplies & Equipment



medical equipmentIf you’re looking for sports wraps, bandages, wrist support guards, canes or other medical equipment at discount prices, shop the selection at Davis Islands Pharmacy. We carry a variety of posture support pillows, lumbar support, Kinesiology tape, support socks, blood pressure monitors, medical style socks and stockings, bathtub rails, bed pans, male and female urinals — and more!


We also offer a variety of products you may need on a short-term basis available for rent at affordable prices.









Free Local Delivery!



Free Medication Delivery TampaDavis Islands Pharmacy understands that it can be a hassle to take a trip just to pick up a prescription refill, and that’s why we offer FREE shipping and local delivery. If you’re getting your prescriptions delivered to you from Davis Islands Pharmacy, we are also happy to deliver Gift Shop, Retail, or Over-the-Counter items together with your medicine. Just call the pharmacy or contact us online to get started!

As a note, combining delivery with our other services like SmartPack and our Med Refill Sync programs help reduce trips and can also get rid of gaps in your prescription management.



Call (813) 254-1888. Our staff is readily available to address any of your medication and health-related questions or concerns!


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