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Testosterone Troche

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About Testosterone Troche/ Lozenges





Testosterone is commonly used to treat testosterone deficiency, known as hypogonadism. This medication contains testosterone that has been compounded in a troche or lozenge dosage form to be taken orally. The testosterone is absorbed and enters the bloodstream to help restore normal testosterone levels in your body. 


Possible Side Effects

Taking this medication, you may experience some of the following side-effects:


  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea


  • Mood changes – agitation, depression


  • Acne, increased hair growth, voice changes


  • Change in libido


  • Water retention and swelling


  • Itching, discomfort, or irritation at site of application


  • These effects may go away during treatment, but if they continue or become bothersome, check with your doctor


  • Contact your doctor as soon as possible if you notice any of the following: frequent or persistent erections, nausea, vomiting, change in skin color, ankle swelling, or headache



Directions for Use


Please use your testosterone troche prescription according to your doctor’s instructions.




What Should I Do If I Miss a Dose?


Take your next dose of the medication as soon as you remember unless it is close to your next dose.  In that case, skip the dose and resume your scheduled dose. Never double your dose!


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