Free Vitamin Program

Get Vitamins for the Whole Family for FREE!


At Davis Islands Pharmacy, we want to make sure you and your family get the nutrients needed to live healthy and happy lives, which is why we now offer a 30-day supply of vitamins for the entire family each month. The vitamins included in the program include Good Neighbor Pharmacy PreNatal Tablets, Good Neighbor Pharmacy Children’s Chewable Multi-Vitamins, Good Neighbor Pharmacy Century Adult Multi-Vitamins, and Good Neighbor Pharmacy Century Mature Multi-Vitamins.


From children to seniors, your families health is our #1 priority.


To sign up for our Free Vitamin Program, please stop by Davis Islands Pharmacy and fill out an enrollment form. We’ll get you started with your first month’s supply, and each month thereafter we’ll automatically fill a 30 day supply for each enrolled person in your family. If you’re in our system, then you’ll receive a text message telling you when your vitamins are ready for pickup! There is absolutely no cost to participate and no purchase necessary!


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