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Hormone Replacement and the Depletion of Essential Vitamins & Nutrients



This article outlines causes and issues related to nutrient depletion as a result of hormone replacement therapy and other hormone medications – and offers supplemental solutions to addressing restoring those nutrients and alleviating the negative side effects that can occur.




Hormone Replacement Therapy: Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Guide


women hormone therapyMany men and women experience negative effects to their health and well-being as a result of changes in hormonal balance that happens as we age. It’s a totally normal process and nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, advances in medication and science have provided ways we can offset those imbalances and rid ourselves of the negative side effects. However, as with most medications, this can be a double-edged sword. If you take bioidentical hormones, testosterone replacement, estrogen, or other medications, compounded or otherwise, to restore your hormones to normal levels, those same drugs could be depriving your body of other key nutrients.






Bi-Est Cream (Estradiol and Estriol Hormone)Estrogen and Nutrient Depletion




Estrogen, derivatives of estrogen, and selective estrogen receptor modulators are taken by many women to restore hormonal balance as a result of menopause. It’s important to note that estrogen can be responsible for depleting magnesium, vitamin B6, and Zinc. Estrogen is not only found in bioidentical hormones, but also birth control pills and other contraceptives.








Potential side effects of these nutrients being depleted are different for everyone, but may include decreased:



  • difficulty sleepingMagnesium: asthma, heart problems, cramps, osteoporosis, PMS


  • Vitamin B6: Plays a role in nearly 130 bodily reactions, and can be responsible for increased anxiety, depression, increased risk of heart disease, sleep issues


  • Zinc: losing your sense of smell and taste, overall lower immunity, slow wound healing







Testosterone and Nutrient Depletion:




Testosterone troche hormone compoundTestosterone is the chief male hormone, responsible for libido and erectile function, and playing a vital role in mood, energy, bone health, and body composition. Many men experience negative effects as a result of low testosterone, androgen deficiency thyroid, and other hormonal issues. To solve these problems, testosterone therapy is often an effective solution.



However, as with most prescription and over-the-counter medications, one must be cognizant of how those medications impact other aspects of your system. Maintaining balanced levels of testosterone and other hormones are responsible for keeping youthful neurological structures, alleviating depression, as well as inducing fat loss in those who are unable to reduce body weight regardless of diet and exercise.



Despite all the benefits men experience from testosterone replacement therapy, they must be cognizant of other nutrients that may be affected. For example, if you utilize large amounts of testosterone in any form, it may be crucial to use aromatase-inhibiting supplements or medications.



Research also indicates that men who get testosterone therapy performed more poorly on a cognitive reflection test, which suggests they were more likely to go with their gut instincts when answering questions and making decisions, and had reduced cognitive reflection.



What’s more, past research links testosterone therapy with increased aggression and poor impulse control, as well as fighting between males. Furthermore, testosterone has been reported to increase risk of heart problems as a result of nutrient depletion. So it’s important that men undergoing hormone replacement therapy supplement that with products shown to restore depleted nutrients and other imbalances caused by HRT.



Common Hormone Replacement Solutions:



  • Progesterone Capsules

    Progesterone is added to estrogen therapy to prevent the overgrowth of the cells that line the uterus

  • Bi-Est Cream

    This cream contains a Bi-Est or Bi-Estrogen component, which consists of two estrogens – Estradiol and Estriol

  • Testosterone Cream

    The testosterone is absorbed through the skin and then enters the bloodstream to help restore normal testosterone levels in your body








diet and nutrient depletion

Restoring Nutrients Depleted by Hormone Replacement Therapies



Many of these risks and side-effects can be reduced or eliminated by ensuring your body is holistically balanced, not just with appropriate hormone levels but also in terms of essential vitamins and nutrients. If you are currently undergoing hormone replacement treatment, it’s essential to assess nutrient depletion risks with respect to medications to avoid increased side-effects, future symptoms, or the development of co-morbid conditions.



Solutions Rx Hormonal/BC Rx Support is specifically designed for men and women undergoing hormone replacement therapy.  Hormonal/BC Rx Support by Solutions Rx includes a formulation of vitamins and nutrients commonly depleted by common hormone therapies. Each tablet includes:



  • Vitamin C as calcium ascorbate
  • Vitamin D3
  • Thiamin
  • Riboflavin as Vitamin B2solutionsrx diabetes in tampa florida
  • Niacin as Vitamin B3
  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin B12
  • Magnesium
  • Pantothenic Acid (As Vitamin B5)
  • Vitamin B6
  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • Lipase
  • Amylase
  • Protease
  • And more!







Taking Solutions Rx Hormonal/ BC Rx Support for Hormone Replacement Therapy drug-induced nutrient depletion, many patients report improvement to their overall health and well-being – the result of the restoration of nutrients depleted by the medications they are taking. Gluten free, effects of restoring nutrients with Solutions RX’s unique combination, diabetic patients report feeling better overall, and experiencing higher levels of energy and vitality!



When you take 2 tables of Solutions Rx Hormonal/BC Rx Support, you’ll rid yourself of the side effects caused by hormonal or BC medication. Medications like this deplete the body’s nutrient level, but with our product, you’ll receive a supplement that contains a combination of multivitamins and enzymes. Davis Islands Pharmacy vets the supplements we stock and recommend, and are proud to offer products by SolutionsRx.



Each bottle of Superior Hormonal/ BC Rx Support supplements include:


• 60 tablets
• Gluten free
• pH sensitive release
• Pharmacists formulated
• Easy to swallow



If you take hormonal or BC medications that have annoying side effects, strongly consider Solutions Rx Hormonal/BC Rx Support can help eliminate unnecessary issues. As always, consult with your physician or stop by the pharmacy and ask if Solutions Rx supplements may be right for you.



Stop by the pharmacy or call us today at (813) 254-1888. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in better understanding drug-nutrient depletion as it relates to the medications you’re taking.



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