Diabetes Care Club

Get Your Diabetes Supplies Free!



Looking for convenience and affordability when it comes to caring for your diabetes?



You’re not alone! Davis Island’s Pharmacy is proud to offer FREE diabetes testing supplies to all our customers. By enrolling in the club, you’ll receive a free testing meter, free testing strips (up to 100 per month) and lancets. Our no cost one-of-a-kind program for diabetes patients gives you the convenience of picking up your prescriptions and supplies each month, all in one place.




Benefits that members of our Diabetes Care Club receive include:


  • A FREE Testing Meter
  • 100 FREE testing strips per month (if insulin-dependent)
  • 50 FREE testing strips per month (if non-insulin-dependent)
  • Discounted boxes of extra testing strips, if needed
  • Lancets
  • Special offers and FREE diabetes support products throughout the year
  • Pick up your supplies any time Davis Islands Pharmacy is open



Why Join?


There’s no obligation to join. When you combine the benefits of our Diabetes Care Club with SyncRx, we’ll have all of your medication and testing supplies ready on the same day each month for pickup or delivery. At Davis Islands Pharmacy, we strive each day to offer more secure, convenient, and low-cost options with your healthcare needs.



Feeling Tired, Sore, or Achy?


You may be experiencing drug-induced nutrient depletion as a result of some of the medications you take. But there’s a solution for you. At Davis Islands Pharmacy, we proudly sell a unique product by SolutionsRx called Diabetes Rx Support, specially designed to restore the essential vitamins and nutrients depleted by the body as a result of diabetes and diabetes treatments.





Questions? Call (813) 254-1888 to speak with our Diabetes Care experts!


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