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Your Medications Made Easy
Do you find yourself making too many trips to the pharmacy? Do you struggle to make sure you have all your medications, all the time? The SyncRx Program is designed to streamline and simplify medication management. We synchronize all of your prescriptions to be filled once monthly, providing the ongoing service of refilling those prescriptions each month for your convenience — while still guaranteeing the personalized attention you deserve. And best of all: it’s absolutely FREE!
SyncRx is most beneficial for patients taking more than one medication, and is particularly useful when patients have more than one prescription from more than one health care provider, or if you take expensive medication that is not usually in stock. We coordinate with your doctor or doctors to synchronize your refills to one SyncRx refill date each month, automatically scheduling your prescription pickups or delivery to the time that’s most convenient for you.

By enrolling in the SyncRx Program, we’ll make your life easier, synchronizing each of your prescriptions and refilling them each month to be ready for you on your SyncRx refill date. For new medication, we’ll fill the initial prescription with the number of doses to match up with your SyncRx refill date. We can seamlessly handle transfers from other pharmacies on our end.



• Automatic refills: stop worrying about running out of medication -- we take care of that for you. Orders are processed by live staff members, never a computer.

• Seamless Rx transfers from other pharmacies: we easily handle that on our end.

• Convenience: one single monthly delivery or trip to the pharmacy.

• Reduced phone calls to the pharmacy: we will already personally schedule your refills.

• Peace of mind in getting all of your medications on time and in one single order.

• Personalized contact: with your pharmacist to ask questions and discuss medications.

• Reassurance: that we will work in advance to have refills on your medications.

Our Promise

We promise you a personalized phone call from a pharmacist each month to review your medications so that we only fill what you need, and to ensure your refills are ready when you are. We’ll coordinate with your prescriber to obtain refills in advance and work behind the scenes with your insurance provider: meaning no more counting pills or chasing down refills! For you, everything is simpler: no worry, no wait!



Did you know that 50% of Americans don’t take prescription medications as prescribed? At Davis Islands Pharmacy, we believe it’s important to offer our customers the most up-to-date technology and services when it comes to medication management. With your medications synchronized to one day each month, it only makes sense for them to come packaged in the simplest way possible for you to take them as instructed. 


We offer FREE compliance packaging that’s just as easy, but less bulky, than what’s offered by the drug-chain giants and online pharmacy startups. Especially helpful for patients who take more than one prescription, SmartPack organizes your medication in individualized packaging by day and time of day — making it easy to take the right medication at the right time and ensuring you never have to sort pills again!



Oftentimes, medicine deprives our bodies of essential vitamins and nutrients. At Davis Islands Pharmacy, we’ll review your medications with you and assess your risk of drug-induced nutrient depletion. If you take daily multi-vitamins or other supplements, we can include those in your monthly sync package — and package them alongside your prescription medication with SmartPack.




Davis Islands Pharmacy is proud to offer additional programs and services that work in tandem with SyncRx. With our Diabetes Care Club, we offer FREE diabetes supplies for our diabetic patients. Along with your synced medications, we supply FREE diabetic meters, test strips, lancets, and regularly offer exclusive deals on other diabetes supplies — all available to be picked up or delivered on your SyncRx Date.




Live outside the Tampa Bay area? Don’t want to come into the pharmacy? No problem. With our SyncRx program, we’re happy to ship your medication directly to your doorstep for FREE using UPS Ground. Alternatively, we proudly to offer FREE local delivery of your medication on your SyncRx refill date. If you prefer face-to-face interaction, we’re conveniently located just five minutes from downtown Tampa.



At Davis Islands Pharmacy, the longest established pharmacy in Tampa, we offer more than just prompt prescriptions at competitive prices. We may have been around since 1949, but that doesn’t mean we’re not ahead of the curve. Our technology infrastructure is constantly evolving to make life easier for our patients. We continually monitor your prescriptions for cheaper prices, and we’ll ask you and your doctor if you’re eligible for generic, or less expensive forms, when perhaps a brand name was prescribed.


With Davis Islands Pharmacy, you’re more than just a prescription number. We pride ourselves on getting to know our customers and their needs, evident by the fact that we’ve been serving the Tampa community proudly since 1949. We care about your holistic well-being, and constantly strive to provide you with the education and assistance you need to help you live your life to the fullest.