ChildPrint ID Kits

Save Your Child’s Life… for FREE


Your worst nightmare comes true: your child is missing. But you’re a great parent, right? It’s easy to think this kind of tragedy will never happen to you – but the stats might surprise you.


Around 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. If you do the math, that’s a staggering 2,000 parents who lose their kids each day! When a child goes missing, the first few hours are most crucial.


As a parent, what can you do? How do you help authorities find your child when you’re in a state of shock and panic? Do you know your child’s height? Could you help the police or FBI expedite the search by proving a most recent photograph, or even a DNA sample? Do you have all this information collected together and in one place?


Tragedies happen, and as a parent, the best way you can help is to quickly provide vital information. When it comes to your kids, why take a risk? At Davis Island’s Pharmacy, we care deeply about our community and the people who make it such a wonderful place to raise children. We now offer FREE ChildPrint ID Kits!


What are they?


These fully assembled kits enable parents to immediately give police, the FBI, or other emergency responders a complete and comprehensive picture of your child, saving you time and accelerating the search.

Find Missing Children Tampa

The 8-panel, highly confidential kits are individually packaged in heavy, clear protective sleeves and are available for all the children in your home.


Your complimentary kit includes:


• A 1”x5” non-toxic ink strip
• A heavy gauge freezer-safe bag for a DNA hair sample or cheek swab
• Space to record complete contact, personal, medical and physical information
• Space to store a 4”x6” photo
• A 10-finger fingerprint chart
• Dental charts for permanent and baby teeth
• Two pages of valuable safety tips



How do I sign up?


ChildPrint ID Kits could save your child’s life. What are you waiting for? Stop by Davis Islands Pharmacy and Compounding Lab to pick up your NO COST, complimentary kit while supplies last!



Visit the pharmacy to pick up your FREE kit or call (813) 254-1888 to reserve them while supplies last!


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